Getting your guitar sounding and playing at its best!

Since I started playing guitar I have always enjoyed understanding how instruments work and function correctly. 

I have always worked on my own instruments to get the best out of them and have also been very fortunate to receive some excellent training along the way from highly skilled and respected luthiers here in the UK. An instrument which is set up correctly is important as it allows the player to use it and bring out the best in their own performance, without obstruction from an instrument which is working against them.

The last thing a guitarist needs is an instrument which makes it hard to play, practice or perform with!

Feel free to take a look at the videos below to see some of the set up and service work which has been completed for our customers. 

If we can help you with anything to get your guitar sounding and playing at its best please feel free to get in touch. 


'First class job on this; thanks AN Guitar Lessons for doing a bit of a 'phoenix' job on this Firebird!'

Adam (Gibson Firebird) 



'Now that the guitar has been set up properly and had replacement tuners fitted, my guitar feels better to play and stays in tune, great job!' 
Julien (Fender Jag-Stang)